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Fingerlift Tapes
Almost any product in our extensive range can be produced in a fingerlift format of your choice ie: one-sided, multiple adhesive and fingerlift widths. Roll lengths are available to a maximum 1500mtrs on a 3" core and maximum of 150 mtrs on a 1"core. Products can be bobbin wound to 5,000mtrs.
Standard fingerlift sizes available are (mm):
6/12, 8/12, 9/15, 12/18, 18/24, 24/30, 38/50
Offset fingerlifts are available on request.

Standard Fingerlift Products

Fingerlift Transfer Tape
As above but with 'Remove to expose adhesive' Printed on Liner
Economy Fingerlift Tissue Tape  -  18gsm Tissue
General Purpose Fingerlift Tissue Tape, Hot Melt Adhesive -  25gsm Tissue
As above with 'Remove to expose adhesive' printed on liner
General Purpose Fingerlift Tissue Tape  -  12gsm Tissue
High Tack, Hot Melt Adhesive Fingerlift Tissue Tape - 12gsm Tissue
High Tack, High Coat Weight / Normal Tack Fingerlift Tissue Tape - 12gsm Tissue
High Tack, High Coat Weight Fingerlift Tissue Tape - 12gsm Tissue
Fingerlift Polypropylene Tape
Fingerlift High Tack Polypropylene Tape
Fingerlift Tissue Permanent / Peelable Tape, Acrylic Adhesive
Fingerlift Polyester Permanent / Peelable Tape, Amber Release Liner
Fingerlift Polyester Permanent / Peelable Tape, White Release Liner

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fingerlift tape.jpg

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